Thursday, October 16, 2008

I started to comment on a story that I listened to recently on the horror podcast Pseudopod. As my post became longer and longer however I decided to just type it all out here and link it over there.

Pesudopod 111: Radiodemonology by John Medaille:

I really enjoyed this story. The imagery used throughout was wonderful from the description of the human soul to the god-fish towards the end, I loved it. I thought the first part was excellently written, the perfect blend of dark sarcasm and wit that a horror story calls for. Alasdair Stuart added exactly the right touch of snarkiness to the reading. The latter part of the story was chilling and gruesome, leaving me horrified and wanting more (this is actually the first of these podcasts that I've listened to more than once because I enjoyed it so much). Addressing the negatives that people have pointed out in the podcasts' comments I don't see the writing as thin. I feel like the world and main character could have been better fleshed out but I feel that if Medaille were to do that, this would have to become a novel and not a piece of short fiction. As it is, I'm left wondering about the world in which this story takes place and craving more from the author. Any story that can do that in under 20 minutes has got to have something going for it. As to the story being predictable, it's addressed. Of course you can see the ending coming because the main character sees the ending coming miles away. He tells the audience halfway through 'you know what's coming, you know how this is going to go'. Yes the good guy has a tiny soul and the bad guy's soul is huge, but I don't see this as groanworthy at all. I fell like the narrator isn't pointing this out to surprise the audience, more that he's saying it takes all kinds. I'm sure he's also seen bad people with small souls and vice versa, he's just pointing out that there's no rhyme or reason when it comes to the size of a person's soul.

Anyway, that's all for tonight. I loved the story and love Pseudopod. If you enjoy horror fiction at all you should check it out.


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