Wednesday, February 13, 2008


It happened again last night, only I scared myself. I lay in bed, thinking about my stories, thinking about the suspenseful one this time, the one where the main character may or may not be Schizophrenic (I'll ruin it for you, he/she's not) and talks about all the things she can see just beyond the curtain of the "real". I kept thinking about which times to add in and I know that I want:

- The guy in the raincoat, hat, and umbrella who stayed in shadow as he walked in front of a light.
- The cars being arranged in such an odd fashion that it seemed they must have been set up.
- The time at the warehouse club where suddenly there was no one else in any of the aisles and several of the freezer doors were opened, seeming again, to be in some sort of pattern that was just beyond comprehension.
- The friend who saw "Shadows" and mentioned that with him at least, it's usually contagious (This is background most likely, not the beginning).
- One day stepping out of the car to come home and things just don't seem quite right. A beautiful sunny day where something is just off. (This may be the beginning since it's when I first thought of it).

I'm not quite clear on the overall story yet or the order in which things happen but I know I can connect this all appropriately. Maybe it's a mystery throughout the thing whether or not the main is schizophrenic but that doesn't feel right and I'm not sure I could pull it off as well as I'd want to.

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